Dear Diary,

Abstract Soul
2 min readMay 10, 2021

Today was a very unique day. I got to be part of the audience of a world premiere, Ibero-American Landscapes composed by Edwin Guevara Gutierrez. I have been lucky enough to perform with him in the Tucson Guitar Society Orchestra, but little did I know he was a composer. It really was an amazing surprise. Before listening to the premiere, my classmates and I were lucky enough to meet with him prior to concert. It was very interesting to learn and hear about his reasons to compose it the way he did. The fact that he really stuck to his roots when composing this made me feel very connected with the piece already. Also, the way he found the key that he did using all of the performers names and creating a sort of chart with the alphabet and musical notes.

It also really amazed me, when Guevara had expressed that he incorporated many styles of music to the piece such as Flamenco, Classical, Jazz, and Bossa Nova to name a few. Every instrument was playing a different style making this piece a very flavorful, busy, and fulfilling one. I swear once you hear it, you will not have enough!!! I really cannot wait for them to have this available on Apple Music or Spotify, because it is that great!! I even found myself crying through the performance because of how beautiful it was…. not just the beauty of the sound… but the heart and soul put into it. This man took out his heart from his chest and squeezed the blood right into his art. One can truly feel the love and passion he has for these beautiful landscapes, his roots, his music, and honor he feels for the musicians who helped him deliver the piece to the world.

It is truly incredible how a human being can create. Not just create, but inspire… not just inspire…. but impact! Impact and make you FEEL. No lyrics were necessary. Hopefully, one day I too can do that.